A Message to Our Clients

22 May 2020

It is with deep sadness to announce that after 44 years in business, Mi Salon Spa has permanently closed.  This has been the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make but the new COVID-19 operating restrictions for salons has forced my hand; it’s left me with few good options.     

Many of you probably know my husband, Mike Moore – the man who started this business and whose vision has sustained the enterprise all these years – was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago.  Sadly, the disease continues to progress which makes life more difficult with each passing day. He needs me now more than ever; and, I need to be there for him.   While Mike hasn’t been involved in the day to day operations for awhile, the salon requires a lot of my time and attention.  Now, with added COVID-19 operating restrictions, it will require even more of my time.   Simply put, operating both the salon and the college in this environment is just too much to handle.   With the salon presenting the biggest challenge, closing it until further notice is the better of two extremely difficult and painful choices. We will continue to operate Michael's College of Hair Design as the restrictions aren’t as challenging plus, it doesn’t require nearly as much of my time.  This is time I will spend with my husband Mike as we finish our journey together.

Words cannot adequately express my sadness with this decision. I agonized over this decision the past couple of weeks because I know it impacts many people; clients,  employees,  vendors and friends.  This business was largely a labor of love; something both Mike and I looked forward to doing every day.    We have met so many wonderful people over the past 44 years. We feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to serve our community.  So few people in life get to do something they love and for that, we’re eternally grateful.

Thank you again to everyone for the opportunity to serve you all these years.

God bless.

Idajean Moore

For the past 13 months we have been issuing refunds for gift cards. The period to request a refund has now closed.

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